Push-Ups for Gains: Mastering Gravity for Indian Fitness Enthusiasts

Push-Ups for Gains: Mastering Gravity for Indian Fitness Enthusiasts

In the world of fitness, the human body is an athlete's greatest tool. For those who prefer calisthenics, bodyweight exercises can be highly effective in building strength and muscle. Among these exercises, push-ups are incredibly beneficial for anterior hypertrophy, comparable to the traditional bench press. Studies have shown that push-ups can lead to similar muscle thickness and strength progression (1). However, to keep your push-up routine exciting and effective, it's time to explore some new variations tailored for Indian fitness enthusiasts.


1. Resistance Band Push-Ups:

Creating the right mind-muscle connection is essential for making gains. Incorporating resistance bands into your push-ups can enhance muscle recruitment and provide a comprehensive workout for the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Unlike using weights or backpacks, resistance bands allow for greater focus and a full range of motion. They can be wrapped over or under the arms, targeting specific muscle groups as desired (2).


2. 30-Second Push-Up:

Tempo plays a crucial role in any exercise, irrespective of the resistance used. The 30-Second Push-Up introduces time under tension (TUT) as a unique form of resistance. By performing slow and controlled reps, you engage the mind, enhance technique, and build tension in the muscles. This variation complements the Resistance Band Push-Ups and can be an effective way to maximize gains.


3. Incline/Decline Push-Ups:

The chest consists of three heads, and standard push-ups mainly target the sternal (middle) head. To engage the other two heads, you can modify the horizontal angle of the exercise. Incline Push-Ups, with the upper body elevated and feet on the ground, target the abdominal head and triceps. Decline Push-Ups, with the feet elevated, focus on the clavicular head, which connects the rotator cuff and deltoid. These variations provide unique challenges and are valuable progressions toward more advanced exercises like Parallel Bar Dips and Handstand Strength training.


4. Archer Push-Ups:

Archer Push-Ups introduce a horizontal movement pattern, stretching the muscle fibers across the pectoralis minor similar to a chest fly exercise. These push-ups promote mobility in the pectoralis minor and contribute to a healthier scapular posture (3). During Archer Push-Ups, the hands are positioned wider than shoulder-width and face away from each other. The eccentric phase imitates an archer drawing an arrow from their bow, engaging both sides of the chest simultaneously.


5. Pseudo Planche Push-Ups:

The Pseudo Planche Push-Up, also known as Chaturanga Push-Up in yoga, is an advanced variation that challenges the entire body, focusing on shoulder mobility and core strength. It places significant force on the wrists, so it's essential to warm up your wrists before attempting this exercise. During Pseudo Planche Push-Ups, the body is hollowed out by pulling the shoulder blades apart and tucking the tailbone. This position shifts the weight forward, and the concentric phase brings the shoulder blades back into a hollow shape. With practice, you may even be able to lift your toes off the ground during the movement or achieve a planche hold.



Push-ups offer a versatile and effective way to work various parts of the chest by adjusting angles and directions. Embrace these challenging push-up variations to create a dynamic upper-body workout routine. Remember, you don't need weights to make substantial gains. Embrace bodyweight exercises and push your limits to achieve your fitness goals. Happy training!


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