Build Strength and Size with This Teen Bodybuilding Guide

Build Strength and Size with This Teen Bodybuilding Guide

Embark on your fitness journey with confidence. This plan is designed to help young lifters in India learn proper weightlifting techniques and develop strong, quality muscles.


Many legendary bodybuilders began their training in their teenage years. Today, there may be a teenager in India with aspirations of greatness too. The good news is that a teen workout plan doesn't have to be complicated. This routine provides a safe and effective introduction to the weight room, focusing on stabilising free weights, understanding muscle engagement, and achieving muscle-building goals.


The Push, Pull, Legs system is simple yet highly effective. Its straightforward nature makes it easier to stick to, and when performed with adequate weight, it can still be challenging. Consistency is key for success, and there are two essential rules to follow in this program:


  1. If your form is compromised, stop the set immediately.
  2. Allow 48-72 hours of rest between workouts.


Remember, your schedule may vary, so adjust the plan to what suits you best while ensuring sufficient recovery time. If you need guidance on exercise form, refer to our exercise database for helpful tips.


Push Day

This workout targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The bench press includes the incline press, placing more emphasis on the upper pecs while ensuring safety with a spotter. The shoulder focus is on the side delts, crucial for stability and creating a broader upper body appearance. Triceps exercises follow the shoulder work, and the session concludes with an abdominal exercise. Rest for 90 seconds between sets throughout the workout.


Pull Day

The focus here shifts to the pulling muscles of the upper body, including the upper back, lats, rear delts, and biceps. Begin with pull-ups, a vital exercise for beginners to master. If assistance is needed, use a band or support to gradually build strength. Next, target the lats specifically with additional movements after pull-ups. Face pulls are excellent for the rear delts, followed by standing cable curls for the biceps. The session ends with another ab exercise.


Leg Day

This leg workout priorities the hamstrings and glutes. Start with stiff-legged deadlifts using a Smith machine or dumbbells to ensure proper form. Once you are comfortable, transition to the barbell version. Lunges come next, and then it's time for squats. Focus on maintaining correct form and depth rather than lifting heavy weights. Parallel hips and knees are crucial for a valid squat.


For lower injury risk, opt for the leg press and seated calf raise, using machines that provide greater safety. Avoid overloading the machines excessively. Finally, the dumbbell V-sit cross jab is a unique exercise to target the obliques.


This teen bodybuilding plan emphasises safety, proper technique, and consistent effort, making it a valuable resource for young Indian fitness enthusiasts aiming to build strength and muscle.

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